"NIKOM SECURITY SYSTEMS" Ltd. is an engineering company specialized in providing complete solutions in security systems, electrical installations and communication installations. The company was established in 2005 by engineers with excellent qualification and extensive experience in this area.The systems offered by "NIKOM Security Systems" ensure compliance to the highest standards of quality, regulatory requirements, reliability and most importantly safety.The company use products of leading and worldwide recognized companies as: ESSER, Eff-Eff , PANASONIC , INIM, PARADOX, ADEMKO, SOYAL, FARFISA , etc.

The core activity of the company is design, delivery ,installation, service and support of:

e05.gif (81 bytes)Security Alarm Systems
e05.gif (81 bytes)Access Control Systems
e05.gif (81 bytes)CCTV Systems
e05.gif (81 bytes)Fire Alarm Systems
e05.gif (81 bytes)Fire Extinguishing Systems
e05.gif (81 bytes)Audio and Video Intercom Systems
e05.gif (81 bytes)Public Address Systems
e05.gif (81 bytes)Voice Alarm Systems
e05.gif (81 bytes)Parking Systems
e05.gif (81 bytes)Perimeter Protection
e05.gif (81 bytes)Hotel Security Systems
e05.gif (81 bytes)Structured Cable Systems
e05.gif (81 bytes)Communication Systems
e05.gif (81 bytes)Electrical Installations
e05.gif (81 bytes)Structured Cable Systems
e05.gif (81 bytes)Integrated Systems

All of the above systems can be used in:

e05.gif (81 bytes)Small premises Ė apartments, houses, villas, offices, shops, etc.
e05.gif (81 bytes)Administrative buildings
e05.gif (81 bytes)Hotels
e05.gif (81 bytes)Banks
e05.gif (81 bytes)Large commercial centres
e05.gif (81 bytes)Industrial buildings and storehouses

Why choose us?

e05.gif (81 bytes)Because we are professionals!
e05.gif (81 bytes)Because we consider quality more important that quantity!
e05.gif (81 bytes)Because we measure our success by our clients' satisfaction!
e05.gif (81 bytes)Because "NIKOM SECURITY SYSTEMS" is the key to your security!

        - NIKOM will specifically design your security system to provide maximum protection for you and your property
- We offer tailor made solutions according to your requirements and budget
- Initial site visit, consultation and preparation of offer package are FREE even if you decide to not to accept our offer
- The security systems we offer are fully compliant with all technical and legislative safety requirements
- All of the available systems can be directly connected to a Security Company System or specified phone number
- Donít forget the PROMOTIONS we offer every month. FREE installation!

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